Skin Treatments

Some of the most advanced skin treatments are available at Cristianos, we can treat conditions such as acne, rosacea, thread veins, moles, skin tags, seborrheic keratoma.

VPL Skin Treatments

Many skin complaints caused by ageing and sun damage can be successfully reduced using the yellow light produced by the Ultra System. These include: redness, Rosacea, age/liver spots, acne, freckles, pigment changes, skin texture/ fine lines/skin rejuvenation, facial thread veins and superficial leg veins.

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Age Spots

Age Spots are caused by an accumulation of a yellow pigment from ageing of the collagen producing cells. They are very common on the hands and face of middle aged and elderly patients and are usually despised by them as they are so recognisable a sign of increasing age.

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Mole Removal

Hairs from moles are easily treated and once treatment is started it is normal for the mole to reduce in size and colour, the mole itself is then treated but rather than ‘removing’ we ‘visibly reduce the appearance’ of the mole.

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Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra

Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra is found on black skin and is a common disorder which develops in adolescence.

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Seborrhoeic Keratosis

G.P.'s do not normally offer to remove Seborrhoeic Keratosis anymore.

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There are various types of warts, including flat (plane) raised (common) Warts can develop individually or in clusters and can spontaneously disappear.

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Milia present themselves as small white plugs and often show as hard, solid lumps lying in the top of the skin.

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Skin Tags

Skin Tags are commonly found in areas of friction such as the armpits, under the breasts, groin or around the neck where necklaces or collars may irritate.

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Campbell de Morgan Spots

In medical literature these vascular blemishes are also known as Cherry Angioma or Blood Spots. They present themselves as slightly raised or dome shaped and are of unknown origin.

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Telangiectasis (Thread Veins)

These are not ‘broken capillaries’ as so often named, but permanently dilated capillaries. There are numerous causes for Telangiectasia including: ageing, hereditary and genetic causes, pregnancy.

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