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Laser hair removal Leeds

We provide a permanent solution to unwanted hair growth:

Hair removal by laser, VPL/IPL and electrolysis for all body areas. We are specialists in hair removal for men and women, Gender Dysphoric patients m2f and f2m, for medical conditions such as Pilonidal Sinus, PCOS, Spina Bifida and Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Additionally we provide treatment for Rosacea, Thread Veins, Acne and Skin Rejuvenation and Advanced Electrolysis for Skin Tags, Spider Naevi, Thread Veins, Warts, Pigmentation Marks, Seborrheic Keratosis and Moles.

Laser Hair Removal Leeds

At our laser hair removal clinic in Leeds City Centre we specialise in permanent hair removal by means of Diode and Ruby Laser. We are now one of the most experienced private laser hair removal providers in the UK. We also specialise in facial electrolysis for those lighter hairs which will not respond to laser, we offer both Blend and Thermolysis (short wave diathermy) methods. Electrolysis can be used to treat any hair or skin colour and in cases where light assisted hair removal may be contra-indicated.


We also offer VPL skin treatments for Acne, Rosacea and Thread Veins.


We are pleased to announce that we can now offer Advanced Electrolysis treatments for Skin Tags, Spider Naevi, Thread Veins, Warts, Seborrheic Keratosis and Moles.


Cristianos are experts in laser hair removal for Asian Skins, we are situated in Leeds City Centre and have the pleasure of serving all of the surrounding areas inc. Headingly, Wetherby, Keighley, Skipton, Gosforth, Ripon, Huddersfield, Halifax, Bradford, Harrogate, York, Wakefield, Sheffield and Barnsley. We have been established in Leeds since 2003 and are located near to all the major road and rail links.

Laser hair removal Leeds


Laser hair removal Leeds. Whether that is laser or intense pulsed light (IPL) both have been clinically proven to be safe, efficient and a cost effective method of hair removal. Cristianos have over 24 years experience in using these methods over five clinic sites nationwide. Our expertise and unrivalled clinical experience has been recognised by medical professionals across the Country and resulted in us providing treatment on behalf of the NHS and BUPA in addition to our private clients.


How laser/IPL works


Although very different technologies both laser and IPL systems use the melanin (colour), in the hair shaft to absorb the therapeutic light, thus heating and destroying the target hair follicle by conduction. This is known as selective photothermolysis. For this to work effectively there must be more dark colour in the hair than in the surrounding skin.


Benefits of laser/IPL hair removal


The major benefit of laser/IPL hair removal is that it is clinically proven to kill hair follicles on a long term basis. We at Cristianos have proven results lasting over twenty years. There are other benefits such as laser/IPL is suitable for the treatment of small or large areas of hair growth, there is very little down time after treatment, with only mild side effects. Laser/IPL hair removal is non-invasive and runs no risk of infection. The unwanted hair growth does not need to be grown in order to have treatment and the number of treatments required is far less than traditional electrolysis.


Systems we use


There are a plethora of systems on the market, the systems we use are all clinically proven to be safe and effective. We choose to have a selection of laser/IPL in order that we can treat a variety of hair and skin types. In this way we can offer our clients the best treatment to produce optimum results. We use the Chromos 694 Ruby Laser, Lightsheer Diode laser and the Energist Ultra Variable Pulsed Light.


Our Clinicians


Our Leeds clinicians are extensively trained and experienced starting with beauty therapy qualifications including expert electrolysis techniques and vast knowledge of the skin and hair including normal and abnormal causes of hair growth. Each being a member of the renowned British Association and Institute of Electrolysis (BAIE) and having undertaken advanced electrolysis to perform such procedures as removal of thread veins, warts and other skin lesions. Followed by laser/IPL training including Core of Knowledge, product specific training, extensive evidence based induction training and assessment. All members of staff are obliged to part take in annual continues professional development related to their role.

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How does laser hair removal work?


Before we can fully understand how laser hair removal works in we need to look at the process of hair growth. On the surface of the skin all hair looks the same but the condition of the hair follicle is vitally important to the success of laser hair removal.


The effects of Ruby Laser light on hair growth was first observed by Professor Marc Clement whilst conducting a scientific experiment. This discovery was followed by substantial theoretical and experimental studies leading to the prediction of laser parameters that should achieve depilation.


Starting with a basic understanding of the laser tissue interaction, computer models were constructed to simulate effects on hair and surrounding skin when illuminated with intense pulse laser light. These models allowed the prediction of the laser parameters necessary to achieve depilation whilst minimising the risk of unwanted side effects. The ultimate goal being a fast and safe procedure, which could be carried out on the vast majority of the population.


On completion of the theoretical study, an ethically approved trial was carried out to determine if the computer prediction matched the clinical reality. Laser depilation is based on the technique know as selective photothermolysis. This is based upon the principle of using laser energy to selectively destroy a target beneath the surface of the skin whilst leaving the surrounding healthy tissue intact. The premise is therefore to irradiate the skin surface with a suitable laser source, which only deposits its energy in the target, the light passing harmlessly through the other tissue components.


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Specialists in Laser Hair and Skin Techniques