Laser Skin Treatments

Skin treatments carried out using the VPL are mainly caused by ageing and sun damage which can be successfully reduced using the yellow light produced by the Ultra System. These include: Rosacea, age/liver spots, acne, freckles, pigment changes, skin rejuvenation, facial thread veins and superficial leg veins.

VPL Skin Treatments have a positive effect on all skin types and recent studies have shown that even active acne (Acne Vulgaris) has responded very well to phototherapy using yellow light.

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Pricing Structure

Our prices quoted are per session and are determined by our overheads in terms of premises, equipment, staff and time investment. We have chosen to invest in the application and maintenance of high quality equipment, employing and training professionals, continuous professional development not only meeting but exceeding the National Minimum Standards. Although much of this work is behind the scenes, it shows through in the quality of treatment and care our clients receive.

Of course for any business time is money, the time invested in compliance with quality standards is directly proportionate to the end product, the provision of safe quality assured treatment and care.

Costs for larger areas depends on the size and density of the hair growth in the area. We can give approx costs on request. At consultation we will asses the area/s and cost accordingly. For multiple areas we offer a 20% discount from the entire treatment cost.

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Yes, all of the systems we use at Cristianos are clinically proven safe & effective.

Yes, a test patch is vitally important to observe your skin reaction to the laser light, this is free of charge.

No, your skin may be slightly red for a short time, but there is no downtime.


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