Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Treatment

The following are the terms and conditions under which Cristianos provide treatment.

During your free consultation we inform you of the treatments we offer, their effects, side-effects, benefits, risks, limitations and any costs which may be involved. We also supply this information in a Consultation Pack for you to keep. We require you to read this pack and contact the clinic or ask your therapist prior to treatment if there is anything you do not understand. You will be asked to sign to say you have read and understood this document.

We require that you declare any medical conditions, medications of any description, skin preparations, sun exposure or changes of any nature to your therapist prior to each treatment.

We will always advise you on the treatment we consider best suits your needs. This may be laser,VPL, electrolysis or a combination. Staff will not provide treatment of any nature that they believe to be inappropriate. We reserve the right to refuse treatment in accordance with our Clinic Policies.

In order that you get the best out of your appointment time we need the client to take responsibility for skin and hair preparation for treatment. Details are given in your Consultation Pack, failure to do so may result in cancelled appointments and additional charges.

We operate on an appointment only system. We require that you arrive on time for your appointment or no more than five minutes prior to your appointment time. Arriving late may mean that your appointment time will be shortened. We will not run over on to another client’s appointment time to accommodate late arrivals. We will always try to accommodate you however in some instances you may need to be re-appointed.

We operate a Cancellation Policy and you will be charged for cancellations or rearrangement of appointments with less than 48 hours notice. This charge is applied because we cannot fill appointments at short notice and down time results in increased costs to the clinic. You can read our full Cancellation Policy

There may be times when we have to cancel or rearrange your appointment at short notice. We will always endeavour to contact you as soon as we are aware of problems that may result in cancellation of clinics.

Cristianos will always keep your personal data confidential and in accordance with data protection legislation. We will never give your details to any third party. There may however be times when we may need to contact other Healthcare Professionals caring for your needs or funding authorities, we will ask you to sign written permission for us to do so.

We have a zero tolerance to abuse either verbal or physical to our staff. We reserve the right to refuse treatment.

You have the right to make both positive and negative comments to Cristianos. We always strive to provide the highest quality of treatment and care, however if you feel we have not met your expectations we would like to resolve any issues you may have quickly before they might escalate. Where things may go wrong we believe being open and honest is the best policy, so please if you feel unhappy you can call or email with any concerns. You also have the right to make a formal complaint. You can request a copy of our Complaints Policy and Guidance at any time.


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