Mole Removal

Hairs from moles are easily treated and once treatment is started it is normal for the mole to reduce in size and colour, the mole itself is then treated but rather than ‘removing’ we ‘visibly reduce the appearance’ of the mole. The first treatment will visibly reduce the mole by up to three quarters of its size and then a follow up treatment can smooth it so that it is flat to the skin. The colour can never be guaranteed to exactly match the surrounding skin but if the mole is much darker the remaining skin, following treatment, will almost certainly be lighter.

The price structure is for all Advanced Cosmetic Procedures across the Cristianos group are costed per time.  All consultations are FREE of charge and without obligation.

  • Treatment
  • Consultation
  • up to 15 mins
  • up to 30 mins
  • up to 1 hour
  • Price
  • Free of Charge
  • £50.00
  • £80.00
  • £110.00


Yes, your first appointment will be a full consultation to establish whether Advanced Cosmetic Procedure is suitable for you and if it can achieve the results you want before you can make an informed decision to proceed. For certain blemishes it may be necessary for us to obtain a letter from your GP before we proceed, checking the stability of moles in particular.

Once a Mole has been reduced it will not regrow.

There is a degree of discomfort with some of the procedures, we are using heat to treat the blemish so some warmth is felt in the area at the time of treatment. An antiseptic gel (witch hazel) is applied post treatment to help soothe. Depending on the size of area treated the discomfort may last a few hours. It is common, and expected, that after some treatments there will be some scabbing; this is discussed during the consultation and you are given an extensive aftercare leaflet.

In certain cases we may offer you a test patch at time of consultation; particularly if you are having a large area treated. This allows you to experience the sensation and we can assess your healing rate. Initially some areas may look worse before it looks better, you must be patient and allow the area to heal fully, never picking any scabbing off or exfoliating too soon. Timing of your treatment is important, do not book immediately prior to a special occasion or holiday.


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