Laser Diode Hair Removal

Laser Diode hair removal works on the principle of selective absorption of the light in the melanin, colour in the hair or skin. Using the revolutionary Lightsheer ET Diode Systems at our clinics in London, Altrincham Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Bury Lancashire for the removal of unwanted hair for most skin types for transgender, non binary, intersex and gender fluid clients from all parts of the body including facial, surgical sites, legs, chin, upper lip, bikini area, underarms, back and chest.

We specialise in NHS referrals from Tavistock & Portman GIDS, Leeds GIS, Nottingham GIC, Porterbrook GIC, Daventry GIC and North Devon GIC.

The Lightsheer Diode laser system delivers pulsed infra-red light. Based on state of the art diode laser technology, the Lightsheer system offers many advantages, including the combination of a favourable wavelength, excellent pulse characteristics and unique integrated cooling.

Like all pulsed lasers, the Lightsheer laser produces a pulse of coherent light with a specific wavelength. The laser diode hair removal wavelength is nominally 800 nanometers(nm), in the near infra-red range of the spectrum just beyond the visible range.

After Treatment
Before Treatment

How The Diode Works

The therapeutic basis of the LightSheer diode laser system is selective photothermolysis. In order to destroy the hair follicle, the 800 nm laser light penetrates deeply into the dermis where the optical energy is preferentially absorbed by the melanin (dark colour) in the hair, causing rapid heating of the hair shaft and follicle destroying its capacity for growth. The duration of the laser pulses is long enough to disable the hair follicle, while short enough to limit heat transfer to the surrounding tissue. By conductively cooling the skin, the chilled handpiece tip helps to reduce temperature rise in melanin rich epidermis allowing for the treatment of darker skin tones.

Cristianos have selected this laser because of the depth of penetration of the light and its ability to extend treatment to darker skin tones. Like all of our systems the laser diode for hair removal is clinically proven safe and effective.

The treatments have exceeded my expectations in terms of its speed and effectiveness and in the lower level of discomfort from that which I was expecting………read more


My experience has been fantastic! Before i started treatment there, i had to use a regime of heavy concealer underneath heavy foundation to hide the dreaded 5 o clock shadow………read more


Pricing Structure


Our prices quoted are per session and are determined by our overheads in terms of premises, equipment, staff and time investment. We have chosen to invest in the application and maintenance of high quality equipment, employing and training professionals, continuous professional development not only meeting but exceeding the National Minimum Standards. Although much of this work is behind the scenes, it shows through in the quality of treatment and care our clients receive.

Of course for any business time is money, the time invested in compliance with quality standards is directly proportionate to the end product, the provision of safe quality assured treatment and care.

Costs for larger areas depends on the size and density of the hair growth in the area. We can give approx costs on request. At consultation we will asses the area/s and cost accordingly. For multiple areas we offer a 20% discount from the entire treatment cost.

  • Treatment
  • Upper Lip
  • Chin
  • Chin & Upper Lip
  • Jawline
  • Neck
  • Full-Face inc Neck Area
  • Bikini Area/s
  • Areola
  • Underarms
  • Full Back
  • Half Back
  • Shoulders
  • Full Back inc Shoulders
  • Upper Chest
  • Upper Chest/Shoulders
  • Full Chest & Abdomen
  • Upper Arms
  • Forearms
  • Lower Legs
  • Upper Legs
  • Full Legs
  • Full Body
  • Price
  • £35.00 -£45.00
  • £45.00-60.00
  • £70.00 set fee
  • £45.00-60.00
  • From £50.00
  • From £150.00
  • From £65.00
  • £50.00
  • From £60.00
  • £150.00
  • £100.00
  • £50.00-£100.00
  • £200.00-£250.00
  • £100.00
  • £150.00-£200.00
  • £150.00-£200.00
  • From £50.00
  • From £75.00
  • From £100.00
  • From £100.00
  • From £200.00
  • POA


Yes the diamond cooling tip allows for cooling of the dermis and thus allows us to use the diode laser for the treatment of darker skin tones.

No laser/IPL system can treat white or grey hair because we rely on the light being absorbed in the dark colour in the hair shaft.

Yes all of our clients have to have a test patch no matter which laser/IPL system is used. This is important for your own safety. There is no charge at Cristianos for consultation or test patch.

No, you wouldn't be able to have treatment if you are suntanned, have a false tan or a user of sunbeds, this is because the laser light could get trapped in the Melanin and cause the area to overheat thus causing blistering or even burns.


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